Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On a personal note

I think I am going to take a break from slaughtering manatees, shooting homeless people, and other traditional Republican recreations and talk a little bit about my personal life.

I am only a short way from graduation, and at school I have gone from being deeply in the closet to being out at school. Indeed, straight people now ask me questions as though I some kind of ambassador from the gays (I know, I wouldn't have chosen me to be the gay ambassador either!). Somehow when people find out you are gay, you become everyone's shopping consultant--though honestly I am hard pressed to think of anything less consequential to my life than women's fashion. Nonetheless I do my best to help my friends. Don't worry, boys, I am not sharing any real secrets with breeders; that thing we do with rabbit fur and coke bottles will stay within the community.

I am still not out to anyone in my family. My mom has very obviously given me opportunities to come out, but I am not going to come out to her out of exasperation over the phone. Further, graduation doesn't seem like an appropriate time, basically because the whole family will be here and I see no reason to come out to my grandparents at all. So for the near future, that is probably not going to change.

I am still dating someone, although I feel like I am merely going through the motions (enjoyable as those motions may be). I'm not terribly emotionally invested. Whether it's because I am still uncomfortable with being gay and dating a boy, or I actually am just not that in to him, I leave to only God to know for sure.

Within a month I will be moving to a brand new city--an actual city!!!--to study for the bar and eventually begin my career. It's strange, I still feel too young for this. People's dads are lawyers, not people my age. Naturally I'm nervous, but I'm also excited.

I've been drinking less. I found that I was a bored drinker, and that just seems dangerous. I'm not going completely abstinent, but I am just being careful to be a more moderate consumer of alcohol.

So that's just a little of going on with me that doesn't involve words like "entitlement" or "energy policy" or people I don't know personally but still have strong opinions about.


Tim in Italy said...

That was refreshing. Thank you. By the way you forgot despoiling the National Wildlife refuge, but who's counting.

Regarding the boy, when it's the right one, you will know, believe me. Neither the closet, solid conservative principals or east cost ramrod straight, puritan masonary will keep him out of your thoughts or your dreams. This will no doubt be uncomfortable for you. Ruffle your feathers a bit. Good. They could stand some ruffling.

And don't say anything about the civets. Leave them some dignity, for God's sake.

jonathan said...

Good job on not drinking as much.

I'm studying for the bar right now and it sucks (flashbacks to the Rule in Shelley's case...slander per se...[shudder])!

Don't worry about your social life. I'm sure your 2200 billable hour requirement will remedy that problem. :)

Anonymous said...

i probably wouldn't want to talk about politics either if i were a republican.

just sayin'

Anonymous Blogger said...


Im pursuing to be a lawyer too! My dad passed the bar once, so there is so much pressure.. blah. good luck!!

Queers United said...

Came across your blog, what are your thoughts on Bob Barr?


Michael in Norfolk said...

Have fun with studying for the the Bar exam. I took one for Virginia in February, 1977 and another for Alabama in July, 1977. NOT a fun experience, but something that can be survived. I passed both on the firsat try. Mercifully, I was able to get admitted on motion in Texas in 1981 based on my Virginia Bar membership.

I am glad to hear that you are at least out at school. I hope the right time will come for you to tell you parents. My experience was that it lifted a huge weight off of me. My dad freked for a day or so, but was fine with it therefater. Good luck when the time comes.

Tell us where you will be going to work - the city, if not the firm.