Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm Negative

And that's positive.

I considered titling this post "My Results are Positive," and then saying I am HIV negative. I am classy enough not to do that, but boorish enough to tell you about it anyway.

Not that I was really, really worried, but still it's nice to know for sure.


Tim in Italy said...

This is wonderful news and I think your caution is prudent. Somehow, I've got through it all unscathed, but so many others didn't. Some went down that I never expected. I was seeing a guy here in LA a couple of years ago, really good looking, real estate broker, late 20's, dong extremely well. Now he's a meth head and HIV+. So your news isn't just about your AIDS test, but about you as a person and how you value yourself.

theobromophile said...

Glad to hear it. Nothing wrong with being cautious about your health and the health of the people close to you. :) (In fact, if you weren't, that would be a big problem.)

jonathan said...

when do you get the results of your pregnancy test? you can never be too careful!

Pink Elephant said...

Jonathan, when I peed on the little stick the minus sign never turned to a plus. Whew!