Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Getaway

The boy is one that I have mentioned here before. I met him, and we went to a mountain retreat for the weekend. Without revealing too much about my whereabouts (Cheney and I prize our secrecy), I must say the mountains are GAW-geous.

It was a rather leisurely weekend of eating, drinking and other things [[ ;-) ]]. Neither of us are terribly outdoorsey, so we didn't go up for the hiking or anything else, just for a change of scenery and the chance to be alone.

Chris is terribly generous, and I may have actually paid less than my fair share (while I don't really like the idea of taking advantage of someone, it's nice not to be taken advantage of!). Nonetheless, the things I did pay for, I typically had to convince him to let me.

I'm finding myself growing fonder and fonder of Chris, and I am sad to leave him. I wouldn't say we are dating dating, but I would definitely consider it. And it's not because he pays for things. Well, not just because of that :)


Tim in Italy said...

Do I detect a note of tenderness? Has our free-market warrior allowed a peak under under his dented and battered armor, if only for a moment? I'm thrilled! So, does this fellow know the honor being bestowed? Will I be invited to the wedding?

javajones said...

Ach! I'm so happy for you, and jealous that you had a weekend away with someONE special. My sweetie and I almost never get to be off alone together.

I recently found your blog, and am fascinated. I like it so much that after reading new posts for a couple of days I decided to go through the archives. I am in mid June now. It is thrilling, just like a soap opera or something! I am following your coming out process, wondering if you did come out to your parents last summer like you planned in the spring. Don't tell me, I'm reading to find out. But I thought I'd check out the most recent post just to see what you are up to now.

Michael in Norfolk said...

I am glad you had a nice time. Like Tim, I am pleased to see your softer side. I guess not all Republicans are into taking health care from children and redirecting the money to pay Blackwater to kill folks overseas. JUST KIDDING!!!

I noticed that javajones left a comment. She is a great lady and is someone you might want to chat with sometime.

Pink Elephant said...

Haha, Mike.

For the record: although I do have a softer side, I'm still in favor of doing those things, and if I can find a way to also increase my greenhouse gas emissions in the process, all the better ;-)