Thursday, February 8, 2007

Here we go

In 2003, Kelsey Grammar guest hosted the Letterman show and in his opening monologue declared that he was coming out of the closet. After a dramatic pause Mr. Grammar announced, "Well, I'm a Republican." The former Frasier star commented that "when you're a Republican in Hollywood you feel lonely and isolated," before adding, "But don't feel bad. A group of us get together. and every once in a while we kidnap Michael Moore, give him a haircut and a decent change of clothes." Kelsey Grammar's quip has particular meaning for me.

Admittedly, I was raised as a Republican, but I am not a Republican simply because my parents are. I am a Republican because I actually do believe in what I consider the central tenants of the platform: limited government, the free market, personal responsibility, strong defense, and to a qualified extent, traditional family values. My favorite president is Ronald Reagan, and my favorite newspaper is The Wall Street Journal. I am pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-business. The only problem is that I am also pro-gay.

I am more than just pro-gay; I am gay. The spectrum of my political beliefs will not change simply because I am attracted to other men. I am not "out and proud," indeed, it was very difficult to write the last two sentences. I am sure I was finally able to do so because of the anonymity of the internet. Moreover, it is the fact that I am not yet out that will be the focus of my blog.

I hope that by writing my thoughts and reflections, it will help me come to terms with my identity. Right now it's difficult because those who share my politics may find it hard to accept my orientation, and those who share my orientation may find it hard to accept my politics. Hence my two closets. Once I do, if I do, come out of my sexual closet, I worry that I'll have to jump right into my political one. One day I'd like to be honest about who I am as a person, not just as a gay person or just as a Republican.

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