Friday, February 23, 2007


The friend who gave me the book from my last post outed me to someone the other night. I could have hit him.

Sure he was shitfaced, and sure it was only to a bartender, but that doesn't excuse what Nick (as I'll call him) did.

Nick, an out gay man, told a bartender that I happen to love women just as much he did. Horrified, I was nonetheless grateful that only the bartender seemed to have heard. The next day, Nick leaves me a voicemail asking if i got home alright, and I leave a voicemail saying:
"yes, I got home fine. I need to mention something, though. If I get drunk and out myself, it's one thing, but, in the future I would prefer you didn't do it for me."
The only thing that has kept me from actually hitting Nick is his follow-up text:
"Oh Shit! I'm sorry! I was a wreck last night and I didn't know I'd outed you. Not sure what I can do now other than apologize.
Contrition aside, one of the things we have talked about at length, is that I do not have to come out until I am ready. I have set a tentative coming-out schedule. Although he has expressed a bit of concern that my timetable is rather long, I still can't believe Nick attempted to speed things up for me.

I'm still pretty pissed.

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John Kaiser said...

I just kind of wandered in here via link. Interesting blog you have going. When I ran a libertarian organization in undergrad a good friend of mine was a log cabin guy- he even went on to work in Washington.

Oddest thing, I knew his mother well and she had NO clue. So I had to attend events with her and not open my mouth when she was trying to hook him up with them very gorgeous conservative women.