Sunday, February 11, 2007

I don't get it.

I went to a religious high school (I found the movie Saved! to be especially hilarious). Apart from the 'homosexuality is a choice' stuff, what struck me then, and even more so now, as confusing is what makes 'sexual sin' the worst kind of sin? Who was it who ranked the victimless sins (for example: gluttony, vanity, lust, sloth, envy) and using what criteria? Why are the sexual sins (under lust) the worst ones? How come we don't hear people say God hates the lazy, or those who get plastic surgery. Or why doesn't eating an extra piece of pizza endanger your salvation? For that matter what makes lust worse than some sins with victims: like being intolerant?

In other news, I found out that Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, is one of us--i mean, of course, a Republican (everyone already knew he was gay). Maybe that's why the Republican Bree, who is based on Marc's own mother, is still somewhat sympathetic despite having had initial problems with her son's orientation. Look at the very end of this article. Fun!

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Allison said...

You make a great point here--there is no Biblical basis whatsoever to think that homosexual sex (as opposed to homosexual orientation, which is not an action but a state of being) is any more or less a sin than anything else. No basis for that whatsoever.
The Scriptures do condemn homosexual acts pretty harshly--old Testament and New--and it's wrong to hedge about that. But the Bible more frequently, and in equally strong language, condemns various kinds of hetero sex.
It's not right to scapegoat homosexuals as being guilty of some sort of "special" sin that puts them outside the rest of humanity, let alone God's grace.
Thinking of all the gays I know, I'm very confident that I behave worse on a daily basis than they do, and probably have a lot more to apologize for at the end of the day. At the very least, I'm certainly no better.
One major point of Christianity is that we're all in the same boat as sinners. I wish we could just all start from there and move forward, instead of trying to rank one another in these hierarchies of shame.