Monday, April 30, 2007

So I get this email...

from my friend Alan:

I found a Pink Elephant. Thoughts?

It seems I had commented as Pink Elephant on a blog that he reads. I'm not upset or worried; Alan is a close friends and the next on my list to come out to (in fact this save me a bit of trouble). I'm just surprised that either 1) I am not as anonymous as I think I am, or 2) I am subconsciously taking risks that would out me in order to avoid having to come out affirmatively. I suspect it is the latter. After all, I'm the one that introduced Alan to the other blog in the first place!


Alan said...

I was a little taken aback when I first discovered your pink elephant page. My first reaction was "why hadn't he told me before this karen and sean? i thought we were closer than that!" Then I was just anxious to see if you would just come out and say something or try to play it off. I'm glad you chose the former. i'm sure my encyclopedia brown skills proved a comfort to you.

Pink Elephant said...

When people find the blog, the jig is up.

I'm sorry if you were offended that I didn't come out to you sooner. Remember Karen and Sean were an accidental coming out as well. Also, I have mentioned before, but MUST reiterate, that the closer I am to someone the much tougher it is to come out.