Thursday, August 23, 2007

Last date Lowdown

After an unexcused absence I am finally ready to tell you about the last date of the summer. I met Chris at my city's primary gay bar the week before I left for my trip to visit Karen. He bought me a drink [[we made out]]. Anyway, we texted a bit for a week, and then when I got back we arranged our date.

Chris is a "paramedical esthetician," which I think means "pretend plastic surgeon." He works for a real surgeon, and I get the impression Chris can use needles and lasers, just not a scalpel. Botox but not breast implants, and so forth. Of course I have no idea. Nonetheless, he seems to do well for himself [[I didn't have to pay!!]]. Chris is slightly nellier than I tend to prefer, but since he has a professional (mildly?) job, I was able to overlook that. I think I am becoming something of a career queen (surely there is such a thing?). Did I mention he paid [[I'm two steps away from being a prostitute, boy toy, second husband]]?

I arrive at his condo (he has equity! Swoon!) and I call to tell him I'm in the lobby. Turns out he's not ready yet, but buzzes me up anyway. Turns out his view is gorgeous, and I spent time out on his balcony as he finished getting dressed (nothing scandalous here--he did so in his bath and bedroom). Shortly thereafter, (though still after a surprisingly long time) we are on our way to a Vodka Bar [[not really a gay bar, but practically one]].

He has a Cosmo; I have a Vodka Tonic [[I am the more butch of our pair]]. We both eat Salads. Eat drink talk eat drink talk. Learning my lesson I do not disclose that I hunt the poor and minorities for sport [[am a Republican]]. We talk about work and theater and other such stuff. Eventually I learn that Chris considers himself a movie buff [[he follows the Oscars closely but has probably never heard of, say, The Seventh Seal. Not that I judge him for that, I mean, who likes Swedish cinema?]]. Chris was quite surprised that I had not seen The Queen yet. Several drinks later we decide to go to his condo to watch that film.

I still have not seen The Queen [[ ;-) ]].


Andronicus said...


I consider the Seventh Seal to be in the top 5 movies of all time.

We are all in a chess match with death and you are full of surprises.

Welcome back.

I think Tim in Italy was about to wet his pants with worry about you!

Tim in Italy said...

Pink, it sounds like you did see the queen, just not the film.

Marcus, that is a complete exaggeration! My concern was that I was about to loose a worthy sparring partner to a big, fat Greek wedding!

Andronicus said...


Ok, maybe you weren't worried......but you were still about to wet your pants. I could tell. Don't deny.

ThatGayConservative said...


You had a vodka tonic and consider yourself butch? Well, I suppose compared to a Cosmo, it's relative.
It's my understanding that the brown liquors are what's in. A Jack (or Evan) & Coke shows you've got a pair. ;)

I really need to rent some Berman pictures. Never seen 'em. I have seen the first 45 minutes of The Queen though.

Pink Elephant said...

Brown liquors are for winter. That's my rule. Whether it's based on anything is another question.

Pete said...

Congrats, sounds like you had a blast.

I guess he must be a better queen than Helen Mirren. ;-)c

Tim in Italy said...
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Alan said...

My favorite part of all these comments? The gay jokes. I can't deny the creativity, I must say.

Glad you had a good time, Pink. Keep us posted.

Marcia said...

I fully agree that brown liquors are for winter. Just like red wine is for cooler weather and white for warmer. I think it's based on some belief that lighter in color=lighter taste. Not sure the logic really pans out, but they seem to be pretty well-followed rules in polite [southern] society.

Michael in Norfolk said...


It sounds like you had a nice date. I truly wish I could see a pic of you so I could decide if you are really butch or just a nellie boy in denial. Just teasing!! :) I have not seen The Queen yet either, although sadly not for the reason you missed it.

The light liquor for summer and brown liquours for winter sounds like something from when I lived in Mobile, Alabama - actually a very gracious city when it comes to entertaining.

I hope you continue to keep us all up to date on your exploits.


Lyndon Evans said...

I think you're all nutz !!! Brown for this, red for that. Patooey !! Hell drink what ya want, when ya want. What are we LGBT's doing, turning booze into a fashion show. Hell, if this nonsense keeps up, I'm going back to the other side of the fence. Glad you had a good time, sorry you didn't get to see the Queen, somethings are more, ahem, pressing than others at different times. So just grow up and take it like a man !! Double Jack Daniels straight up. Bartender, another round please.

ThatGayConservative said...

Brown liquors are for winter.

Blasphemy. Heretics all!

At any rate, I grew up in Mississippi and don't recall any special rules for wine or liquor. Sure I've heard of red wine for beef and white for fish, but the prevailing rule now-a-days is drink whatever you like. And when I was living in MS, I don't think a month went by that a still wasn't busted in Rankin County.

I just remember reading in the WSJ something about the fact that martinis are out and brown liquors are in. I'm a Jack & Coke fan as far as liquor. As far as beer, I like Newcastle Brown Ale, but I'll try different stuff (especially if it's free).

Icon said...

In general, I like scotch, dark/heavy beers and merlot. In hot weather, though, gin, lagers and chardonay seem to be more refreshing. I don't follow anyone else's dumb rules.....