Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I never thought of my blog as highbrow--sure I have a PG-13 policy, but have you seen what passes for PG-13 these days?

Nonetheless, I appreciate the compliment from a reader, even if I don't think I really deserve it (I happen to like underwear ads too--a lot!).

Just for fun: here's Giuliani Girl v. Obama Girl. The tune is rather catchy.

My favorite lyric:" I knew Reagan and you're no Reagan." Of course Obama ain't either.


Tim in Italy said...

You usually write your posts in your underwear, don't ya? CK or... no, Tommy Hilfiger! Would that be more highbrow than JC Penny? And where, exactly, would Ralph Lauren fit in?

Pink Elephant said...

Closer on the first try! I'm a CK devotee (I tend to prefer the boxer brief, though lately have been experimenting with the pouch brief), but today, largely due to a laundry situation that is fast becoming my very own Vietnam, I am in a pair of square-cut RIPS I bought simply because of the model on the box.

That's a lot of sharing.

Tim in Italy said...

eat your heart out, Matty!

Andronicus said...

Well, all I can say is that even pink elephants have to do something with their long prominent trunks.