Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a little bit of sharing

So, I have recently realized I have a thing for bike messengers, generally. I tend to get a little tinge of excitement when I see them in the office. Maybe it's because they are almost defiantly casual in formal business environments. Maybe it's because by virtue of their vocation they tend to be lean, fit and tan. Whatever the reason, I like 'em.

(not everything has to be so serious around here)


Andronicus said...

No fee health care, except for bicycle messengers!!

ANdronicus said...

ummm...let me try that again:

No FREE health care, except for bicycle messengers!

Tim in Italy said...

Whew! That's good to hear. I was starting to get butterflies every
time I opened your blog.

Hey, Andronicus, is it okay to call you Titus for short?

KipEsquire said...

NYC will soon require bike messengers and food deliverers to wear helmets.

Would that spoil their aesthtic value for you?


andronicus said...


You may call me Marcus, Roman Tribune of the People.....Titus is my bloodthirsty brother.