Monday, July 9, 2007

My new best friend Andy

I just got an email from Andrew Tobias (well, yes, it was a two line response to one I sent him, but do you have a personal letter from the treasurer of either the DNC or RNC? I didn't think so). Mr. Tobias, apart from being a mover and shaker, also wrote The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need, and more importantly The Best Little Boy in the World, which I found incredibly comforting as I contemplated my own coming out. For that reason, besides his political clout (but in the WRONG party!) and his financial advice, his little nod is especially meaningful to me.

Also, he seemed to think I would be more comfortable in the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. Well, no one's perfect :-)


Dying in Infamy said...
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Alan said...

Does your awe for this man have anything to do with the fact his last name is the first name of one of your favorite and oft-quoted characters on television?

I have a "personal" letter from George W. Bush (personally signed by his signing machine). Beat that!

Tim in Italy said...

He thought you would be more comfortable in the moderate wing of the DP? Yup. That was no doubt good for a laugh, but I can also see his point. It must be tough being a Republican right now, if you're not one of the dwindling core base. I would call you a Regan Republican (I hope that's okay), but where does that leave you in regards to your party? The Neo-Cons have deconstructed it to the point where it is nearly unrecognizable. It all seems a far cry from Hubert Humphrey, his Politics of Joy and the Grand Old Party. There's nothing grand or joyful about it right now.

I consider myself to be a conservative Democrat. Does that make me a liberal? Or am I really a liberal Republican? It seems like we're trying to create some sort of Kinsey Scale for Ideology.

I had read a fleeting line or two about a New Republican Party forming somewhere in the east, NJ, perhaps, that was suppose to be working toward restoring the Regan legacy. One can only hope.

Andronicus said...

If you're not a liberal when you're young, you have no heart. If your not a conservative when you're older, you have no brain.

(said by Winston Churchill, I think.)