Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Scooter Libby

I suppose I should say a few words. So here they are: hinkle finkle dinkle do.

I really don't care enough about this situation to form an opinion.


Tim in Italy said...

There's hope for you yet.

Larry said...

How sad. I think that saying that you "really don't care" is just a way of avoiding taking a stand. You can't really justify Bush's action, so you avoid the issue. The point is, you should be outraged at Bush's contempt for the law and subversion of justice. That fact that you aren't says a lot about you.

Pink Elephant said...

Larry, this is a prime example of the difference between "politics" and "policy." Policy is about the actions of institutions, whereas politics is about the actions individuals. And while I do enjoy the occasional cheap shot at particular lefties, by and large my "politics" posts are more accurately described policy posts. Personally I don't care if Bush yells at small children, uses the word "fag" insensitively, worships Satan, or pardons cronies. I'm more interested in the policies than the character of our leaders. Besides, when have ever gone out of my way to justify Bush's action? Even when I agreed with the outcome of his veto of the stem cell research bill, I criticized Bush for his rationale.

And I'm sure the all the same people now going ape over Bush's commuting Libby's sentence were outraged at Clinton's lame duck president pardon spree as well. Oh wait.

Admit it Larry, it just politics and has no lasting effect on any of our lives (except Scooter's).

larry said...

No, Pink. This is all about policies. It is Bush's policies, his contempt for the law and constitution, and his belief in an imperial executive that have deeply damaged this country, its reputation, and our freedoms. That is not politics. Clinton's actions are irrelevant to this, but your raising them is predictable. Again, how sad that you don't see that Bush's policies have been such a disaster. I hope you will come to a better understanding as you get older.

I do wish you well in your coming out journey. You will ultimately be much happier.