Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Vino Veritas

I came out to my two best law school friends--although a bit earlier than I anticipated. Two nights ago I was as their house, let's call them Karen and Sean, enjoying several glasses of wine. I was using Karen's computer to search craigslist for summer housing. At one point I started feeling bold/reckless, doubtless as a result of my shiraz. I quickly checked my blog to see if I had any new comments (I didn't), and then got back to craigslist.

Yesterday, Karen found the link for my blog in her history and looked at it out of curiosity. Despite my attempts to be somewhat anonymous on this blog, some of my opinions and idiosyncratic turns of phrase betrayed my identity to Karen. I don't mean that she thought "wow, I wonder if this who I think it is," instead it was a "wow, this is his blog." When she showed it to Sean, he came to the same conclusion.

Then yesterday evening I was again at Karen and Sean's enjoying wine (you see, Sean has a Nintendo Wii). Karen and Sean had decided between them not to mention the blog until I bring it up. However, after several glasses of wine (and let's be honest, shots), Karen wanted to let me know that I have her support. So it came up.

Uncomfortable though it was, I'm glad she let me know. Both Karen and Sean are very close to me, and I'm glad we can be even closer now. I trust them not to bring it up with third parties, and I wholly appreciate their support.

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