Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Military

How come every time I watch a Jack Ryan movie I want go out and join the Armed Forces?

If I did, it might postpose the ugliness of coming out (it'll be for AMERICA!).
Of course, the idea of Hills as my Commandrix in Chief makes me physically ill. Nonetheless, I feel kind of disingenuous for not serving--like I use DADT as an excuse (as if I'm out and proud anyway).


Tim in Italy said...

I could be very glib about this, but then I consider that I was never in the military and of my friends who were, most were fine men. Exemplary even. Some were even heroes. And why wouldn't you join? It's a good question. Not long ago, the military, like Washington D.C., was populated by the best and the brightest. It might still be that way, but poor leadership has a way of obscuring the quality that lies beneath it.

To postpone the inevitable consequence of who you are, however, is... Pink, if I had you in arms reach I'd smack the shit out of you. That is, by far, one of the most ridiculous things you have ever set to paper. It is beneath you, unworthy of you and I am terribly upset by it. You are a wonderful, intelligent, clever, witty man. You are also a queer. So you better get on board. Coming out at home is one thing. Yes, terribly painful, but we've all done it. Coming out 9000 miles away in a dusty ditch, out of desperation and loneliness is quite another. You deserve better. So do our troops.

So much for not being so serious all the time.

Pink Elephant said...

Dearest Tim,

I appreciate that despite our divergent political views, you still have my best intersts in mind. It warms the heart (or the tiny lump of coal that I pretend is my heart).

Nonetheless, I feel I must reasssure you that I am not seriously considering as a means to avoid the inevitable. In fact, the post was meant to be more of a snide remark on DADT and, admitedly a dig on Hillary--(I amused myself with the word "commandrix")

I do, however, feel guilt about SAYING I support the troops, but not being quite willing to jump in myself. I'm young, relatively fit (I could lift a few more weights and run more often, but compared to the average American, I am quite slim at 5'11, 175 lbs), and rather smart. Sounds like my country could use me. Your point about leadership is very well taken. Yet, it's hard not to think I am using DADT as a dodge to service. Perhaps the real test will be if it's repealed while I am still fit to serve.

Tim in Italy said...

Yeah, well, I've always been a sucker for a pretty blog.