Monday, September 10, 2007

Arthur Branch d/b/a Fred Thompson

I'm sure he's a dear man, but I've said before, I think it would be a mistake for Republicans to nominate him.

So what if Rudy or Mitt appear too liberal to the base? We don't need to worry about the base voting, because liberal as Rudy and Romney appear, Hills [pictured below] seems more liberal. She will get the Republican base out in November 2008. But if Fred appears too conservative, the moderates and swingers (not that kind of swingers) won't want him.

I'm also getting a little annoyed by the Reagan comparisons. I certainly understand why the Thompson capaign is invoking the name of our 40th president, but I wish they wouldn't. I do not mean to sound derisive, but Fred is not Ron. Apart from both being relatively conservative Republicans and having acting experience, the comparison seems a bit superficial. The issues facing us today are quite different than those facing us almost 30 years ago.

Further, although I may be, our nation is probably not looking for a Reagan. I may not have been paying much attention to politics (or even alive) when RR was elected, but it seems to me as though 1980 was a response to Carter. We don't have a Carter; we have Bush II. Any backlash/response is not going to be in the direction of "more conservative." My only hope is that the response is not so severe in the direction of "less conservative" that it pushes into, well, you know. (Of course, certain factors outside the presidential election can make me a little more comfortable with a party shift in the executive branch).

Elections for me are always depressing; it's never about whom I want, it's about avoiding the one[s] I don't.


Tim in Italy said...

Fred has already stated that he is for the pro-marriage amendment to the Constitution. After the last 8 years, my feeling is that any candidate who admits to wanting to mess with the Constitution should be automatically disqualified. If he's no Reagan, then he sure as hell is no Jefferson.

Some passion on the part of the candidates would be nice. You dream of a president you never knew, I dream of a man who never became president, but espoused the Politics of Joy. He had passion. I'd like to see that type of spirit now.

How's the Cosmo?

jonathan said...

The Reagan comparisons aren't just coming from Thompson's campaign. Each one of the candidates mentions Reagan, or quotes Reagan, or compares himself to Reagan every time I see them on TV.

It cheapens his legacy for them to use Reagan's name in the same breath while "matching" their credentials with Reagan's. None of them measure up.

BTW, don't feel bad for neglecting your "schoolwork." I'm a 3L, it's only the 4th week and I've already skipped class three times.

Pete said...

I hope whatever happens you guys can avoid the flotsam of the centre-left parties (Dutch Labour, SPD, PS, PSOE, that lot in Italy) that govern most of Europe. Only Tony Blair and Gordon Brown rose above that level of politics.

Anonymous said...

Although I certainly don't think Hillary is evil or a witch, I am so pleased that you chose such a gay character to compare her too. Maleficent, the mistress of all evil!!