Sunday, September 16, 2007

The plan

This is not about coming out.

In order to avoid dealing with certain things (especially if they might provoke strong emotion) I often try make myself too busy to think about them. I do this by giving myself goals and projects. (For anyone who puts any stock into the enneagram, this is classic type 3 behavior).

Currently there are two competing situations in my personal life--one good and one bad (and again, I am not talking about coming out). The good is that in about a month I may have a boy visiting me. To avoid the bad one, I am going to focus entirely on the good and getting in good physical shape in time for the visit.

This, my last year of school, is perfect for finally seeing my abs (I've felt them, just never seen them). I have a well equipped gym at my disposal for no extra charge, and because I have a job, school takes up only minimal time (meaning enough preparation not to be embarrassed, and then taking a long lunch).

I have a couple of hurdles, though too. I have several friends who love to cook and do it well. And though they'll cook fairly healthily (using ground turkey instead of beef, making sure we have vegetables, etc.), the quantities completely blow everything to hell. Also, I am a moderate party guy (meaning I love to drink when someone else is paying for it). Though I have considerably limited my beer intake (preferring wine instead), I'd probably see better results if I went off both entirely. I'm just not quite willing to commit social suicide my last year of goofing off before the real world sets in with a vengeance.

So with that background, here's the plan:
  1. Weather permitting walk to school. I go to school in a small college town and live less than a mile from campus. Walking is not that strenuous, so why not? Also, I'll save money on gas and maintenance (what do you mean by "environment?").
  2. Work out at least three times a week. I warm up by running a mile, do weight machine circuits, and then cool down by running another mile. When I run I use the interval method. Maybe after a couple weeks I'll add a cardio day to my workout schedule.
  3. Eat more than three times a day. Make my biggest meal lunch.
  4. Increase my protein, green vegetables, and fiber. Limit my fried foods (a toughie for this southern boy!)
  5. No more carbonated beverages (though I make exceptions when it's used as a mixer--not that it's healthier, but otherwise I'd have the mixed drinks plus the Cokes throughout the day. I'm still decreasing my Coke intake).
These are small adjustments, and it's not like I am trying to lose 30 lbs in a month (5 would be fine). I'm starting from a good position, and hopefully if I can keep up this regimen, I could look like this :)


Tim in Italy said...

I note without prejudice that the "Deadly Sin" of a "3" is deceit, in that the 3 will use whatever means are at his disposal to make himself more attractive to his audience. Luckily, I put no stock whatsoever in this philosophy.

A couple of points: if you ignore the bad situation it will get out of hand and come crashing down on you when it is least convenient... like when your guest is visiting. In my industry, this concept is boiled down to, "How come there's never enough time to do it right, but there's always enough time to do it over?" These types of things will not release you until they're delt with. Voice of experience here, but I also know that young men do not take advice and have to discover these things for themselves.

Given your work out/diet plan, loosing five pounds should be a cinch. My only comment is that I didn't see anything about reducing carbs: pasta, bread, anything made with flour. That will help a lot.

If the fried food ban becomes too difficult to maintain, just remember the penguin code from Madagascar: "Coated in Bisquik, dipped in hot oil". I have no idea how this rule pertains to this conversation other than by consuming too much of the one, you will loose the other penguin virtue: "cute and cuddly".

I realized long ago that cartoons have all of the philosophy required for living in this particular space/time continuim. Watch "Pinky and Brain" if you don't believe me.

Michael in Norfolk said...

Sounds like a good plan. Definitely makes you sound gay, however, worrying about being toned for the boy visitor. :) Once those abs are visible, we expect to see a photo posted!!

Icon said...

Get on the fiber bandwagon, especially if your are a bottom. You will be amazed how much better you feel. One heaping tablespoon each of psyllium fiber (aka metamucil) and millers wheat bran twice daily. I take mine in oj. You will no longer need reading material at your toilet and you will save a small fortune on excess tp.