Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The situation

Tim noticed that I have been rather doctrinaire lately. He posits that it is because some left wing boy broke my heart. It's true that my mind has been elsewhere lately, but actually it's quite the opposite: people seem to fall in love with me too easily. I know it sounds a bit conceited, and I, of course, say it with tongue in cheek (this time my own), but really I am not used to this.

Back in my "straight" days, I was basically asexual. I ignored girls sexually, and was oblivious and indifferent as to whether they ignored me. Sexual attraction was largely a non-issue.

All of a sudden, I spent a summer out of the closet, and went, admittedly, a little wild. Now I can't seem to leave the summer in the summer. Not a day seems to go by without a text from some guy I met last summer (thankfully, David got the message. Though I doubt he reads the blog). One guy even offered to fly me back to the city for a long weekend. I'm not saying we're in stalker land, but then again I don't really know where that line is.

Here's the odd part, while I consider myself above average on looks, intelligence and personality, I don't think I am enough on any measure to warrant the kind of attention I am getting. It's not that I don't like the attention, it just confuses me. I like the attention; I want people to want me, but I feel a little guilty about leading the boys on.


Michael in Norfolk said...


You will have to break down and post a photo of yourself so we can decide if you are the heartbreaker it sounds like. :)

Tim in Italy said...

I quote to you from Christopher Fry's "The Lady's not for Burning": 'If you do not wish your shadow to fall so starkly across those of other men, then do not shine so brightly upon yourself. Step back into the rank and file of men.'

Beauty and grace combined with intelligence and wit has always been a ferocious combination, and something not seen much these days. How you handle the power these attributes grant you, will measure you as a great and gracious man or a shallow youth. The choice is yours.

I, of course, have every confidence in you...

Andronicus said...

Pink will probably turn out different, but every lawyer I was ever involved with was like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.

As much as I hate to stereotype, they exist for a reason.

Pink Elephant said...

Haha, Mike. How can I post a picture of myself and retain my anonymity?

Besides, like I said, I am above average, not a model. I'd give myself a solid B+, and with some working out, I could probably top out at A-. That's all. This is why I am confused. Maybe gay men aren't as shallow as people think.

Tim in Italy said...

Well, Pink... a B+ puts you in what? Maybe the top ten percentile of he population? And you're surprised guys come on to you? Have you been living with cave men? Add intelligence to that, even abrasive inteligence, and that B+ could easily climb to an A. So I'm not understanding what's so confusing to you unless you suffer from hellish foot odor or sever halitosis.

MisterNetHead said...

"Maybe gay men aren't as shallow as people think."

For my sake, lets hope not. That's always been a point of concern for me, being what you might call, a solid C- at best(if you factor in personality and such).

MisterNetHead said...

Or rather, let's hope SO.

Meaning that hopefully they aren't as shallow as people think.

It's late. :D

Tim in Italy said...

Oughtn't? (Your comment on my blog)

End of summer garment protocol?

Dashing and handsome?

Expressive writing style?

I'm coming to terms with the fact that you're actually Somerset Maugham.