Saturday, May 26, 2007

But some things are serious!

The FDA upheld it's lifetime ban on gay blood. I don't understand the ban. I'll admit gay men are at a heightened risk for HIV, but it's not a disease that affects all of us, and only us. Shouldn't any donated blood be tested for HIV and other diseases? Isn't it? I don't want to sound all victimy, but this really does smell of discrimination. Can someone please explain this to me?

To lighten a bit (but stay on topic), I am reminded of this clip from family guy:

UPDATE: Check out for more information on the FDA's incomprehensible policy.


Lewd & Lascivious said...

That sounds weird to me too, unless there's something about AIDS they're not telling us.

Matt said...

I'm just surprised I hadn't put it on the list earlier! When I noticed it wasn't there, I had to change it right away. How much traffic did it bring? said...

Hey Pink Elephant!

Funny you should ask for explanation, because I just happen to have launched a website on this very topic. And I made a video (with cute boys in it) that I hope you'd be willing to post. Please direct people to my website, invite all your friends to the facebook group, and get involved!

Here's the standard instructions I'm giving bloggers who want to help...

(1) First, you can post the Denver Post article, and add your thoughts on how bad this policy is:

(2) Second, you can post this video, which is about this very topic, and directs people how to get involved (Also, it has some really cute boys in it) :

(3) Next, you could add a link to this website. It is THE best resource in the nation for information on this topic, and for opportunities to get involved:

(4) You could post a link to this facebook group, where people can get involved and see who else is involved:

Please do this! This is an extremely important issue, and we really need to fight back. The fact that the FDA just reaffirmed its policy is the PERFECT opportunity to gain awareness, and get people motivated to fight back.

Please use the popularity of your blog to help me fight this!

Pink Elephant said...

Matt, more than doubled. Also it is diversifying my readership geographically. I used to primarily get readers from the east coast (and usually DC and north)with a few folks in th UK and Belgium, but now I am getting hits from all over the US, Europe and Australia.