Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Mary Cheney gave birth to a son! Let's see how long before the hate-mongers (of the left wing variety) start making asses of themselves. Oh, not long at all. Check out some of the comments on the Towleroad article about the baby.


Matt said...

I don't have a whole lot of time to think about it, but I'm not sure why they're hate-mongers. If it's just the language they're using, then I agree. There's never a need to be vile like that.

But if you're referring to their opinions about the family, I don't feel like it's hate-mongering if it's accurate.

Mary Chaney is at least implicated in her parents' hatred, if not partly responsible for enabling it. It's irresponsible of her to pretend like everything is hunkey-dorey. If the grandparents don't believe the child should have been born under the circumstances under which it was born, yet the mother smooths it over, something is wrong with the mother, as well as the grandparents.

Matthew said...

I just assumed Pink was referencing, in general, the way that the gay "left" can sometimes respond to conservatives or right of center homosexuals like Andrew Sullivan and Mary Cheney. Having a child with a stable partner of 15 years? How heteronormative! For instance, when Sullivan first started making the case for gay marriage on conservative grounds in the late 80s and early 90s, the liberationists were not happy one bit. I am too young to remember it personally, but my understanding of things is that a good deal (or at least some) of the criticism he received could rightfully be deemed hateful.

I actually admire Mary Cheney for not falling prey to the crudest forms of identity politics, where her sexuality determines every facet of her politics.

Lewd & Lascivious said...

One of the things that really annoys me is the abuse of language when we discuss these things. "Hate" is a very strong word, and it should be reserved for attitudes and actions which deserve it. I challenge anyone to produce evidence that Dick or Lynne Cheney hates gays. As far as I'm aware, the only evidence ever offered to support such a statement is the fact that, like the overwhelming majority of Americans, the Cheneys politically oppose the sanctioning of gay marriage. One might vigorously disagree with this position (I do!), but it hardly means the Cheneys are hateful bigots. The idea of legalizing gay marriage is brand-new compared to the traditional institution of marriage: maybe the people yelling "hate" could try to respect the weight and tradition of what they're trying to change, instead of declaring that society is "hateful" because it doesn't just switch gears after thousands of years and change the definition of marriage lickety-split. It's not as cut and dry as "hate" and "love."

It should also be remembered that many parents are saddened by the homosexuality of their children, yet still love their children deeply and have strong and supportive relationships with them.
I for one respect the Cheneys for not using their daughter as a pawn in this hot-button political debate. Or, as Mary Cheney herself said: "This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate by people on either side of an issue. It is my child." In the same vein, Dick and Lynne Cheney have verbally smacked down reporters who dared to ask about their daughter or grandson in a way that invokes political issues. They are clearly protecting their family.

Pink Elephant said...

Matt, glad to see you are checking back periodically! Also I hope your summer had been good.

Definitely I have a problem with the language. I understand that a LOT of people don't like the Cheneys, and I have no problem with people having that opinion. But for God's sake, can't we let them enjoy the birth of a grandchild in peace?

I'm not convinced that the Cheneys are as anti-gay as the party as a whole. Dick, for example, famously broke rank and opposed the FMA. I just don't think it's fair to say Dick Cheney = Republican = anti-gay = has no right to enjoy the birth of a grandson who has two mommies.

But my point is it is certainly legitimate criticize Cheney's policy positions, but when it gets personal like that, it really bothers me.