Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's funny how the internet works

Doing a narcissistic google of my myself I found this on Democratic Underground of all places.

I suppose that politics aside, gay folks have something of a shared experience.

Here's the post the Democratic Underground refers to. Now that I get a few more readers, I think it is useful to highlight once again Nick's Mom's letter to me.


Michael in Norfolk said...


Nick's Mom's letter is terrific. As a parent myself, I identify with what she says from a parental perspective. At the same time, I was the child coming out to my parents and she states wisdom on that front as well.

I hope you will hang in and not be too hard on yourself. Many times we build things up so much in our mind to be so much more terrible than the actual reality. I know I did that in my own case in terms of coming out to my parents. As one of my posts indicates, it went far, far better than I ever expected. My dad in fact came to be very close with my b/f, much to the surprise of many. If your parents truly love you, they will find a way to accept the real you.

matthew said...

Its "internets" Pink. Plural. Haven't you learned anything from Senator Stevens?

matthew said...

My mistake -- Bush calls it the "internets." Ted Stevens calls it a series of tubes (not a dumptruck). Apologies.