Friday, May 18, 2007

Makes Me Like Rudy more

James Dobson writes off Rudy Giuliani. I disagree with Rudy on abortion and gun control, but anyone Dobson disapproves of is worth a second look in my opinion. Note, it looks like Dobson's beef is with Giuliani's position on abortion:

"Can we really trust a chief executive who waffles and feigns support for policies that run contrary to his alleged beliefs?"

This no doubt refers to Rudy's position of being personally opposed to abortion, but in favor of the right to choose it. When will Dobson learn that the President's role in abortion policy is minimal at best? Rudy claims to favor appointing "strict constructionist" judges, which would be more likely to overturn decisions supporting abortion rights (though I have my doubts as to whether "strict constructionist" means anything, especially when Rudy uses it--indeed my gut tells me that these judicial labels are nonsensical, and judges and justices only use them to justify decisions reached by naked consideration of political outcomes).

Also, I think Dobson is bluffing. Would he really prefer President Hills to President Rudy?

I know immigration is big now, and I have a few thoughts, but I'm still learning about the issue and I don't think my comments are ripe yet--I'll post them when they are.

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Michael in Norfolk said...


I agree with you - anyone Daddy Dobson doesn't like cannot be all bad. As an attorney, I find the "Christian" Right's whole rant about activist judges to be a fabricated crock of BS. The real issues is that they want judges who will ignore the Constitution and the rights of other citizens and rule based solely on the theocrats' religious beliefs.