Monday, June 11, 2007

D'oh! There is other stuff in the world too!

Apparently too narrowly focused on my personal life, I missed this HUGE DEVELOPMENT in the Paris Hilton case. Just kidding, the link is about the immigration bill that was defeated last week.

Like I said, I wasn't crazy about it for process reasons. Maybe now we can address the problem without using dead of the night tactics. Of course, that means government will be unable to do anything at all. Oh well, devil you know...

Now I don't mean to make light of a serious issue. For the record: I still oppose illegal immigration and amnesty for the illegals (unlike the Rightwing Radio Rascals, I do not consider having to pay a $5,000 fine amnesty, especially since these illegals aren't exactly making six-figures; though like them, I wasn't crazy about those Z Visas, and I thought enforcement was unrealistically optimistic). Additionally I'd favor making English the national language (more for logistical and transaction cost reasons than anything else). Nonetheless I still think that the process of legal immigration is unnecessarily cumbersome. I also continue to roll my eyes mildly when it comes to the national security argument for securing the Mexican border. I haven't been convinced that the porous Mexican border poses a considerable national security risk that will be ameliorated significantly by a closed southern border. If you have been convinced and think I am naive, I eagerly welcome your comments.


Oran Taran said...

I thought the national language IS English?

I'm not sure what the distinction is, but from watching the dems debate I got the impression (clinton said it) that there's a (legal) difference between making the national language something, and making it the OFFICIAL language.

IIRC, making English the official language would mean that everything from the government (documents, ballots, etc) would be in English.

Pink Elephant said...

::blushing:: I meant "official."