Friday, June 8, 2007

I'm new to this

So I think the guy at Banana Republic was flirting with me, but I am not sure.

He works there, and is the only one who doesn't have a really femme-y voice. Indeed, he could easily be straight, which is why I am confused.

Despite looking and sounding straight (which makes him all the more attractive to me) there are some questionable indicators. First, he did mention being a fashion major (stereotype, I know, but really--fashion major, that's kind of a big clue!). Also, the first time I went into his store, he said I looked familiar (which is a lame pick-up line men use, mostly without success, on women). Afterwards he explained this familiarity by saying I looked like some actor, but he couldn't remember his name (riiiight). Then the second time I went in the store he remembered me (albeit it was only a week later, but I used to work retail, and I rarely recognized repeat customers until about the fourth or fifth time). When I was in the dressing room, he checked on me not once but twice. Then after I had made my purchases, (another sales person checked me out, I think the maybe-flirting guy is like a manager or something) he asked my name and told me his name (which is Josh).

So, is this flirting, or is it trying to get me to spend $300 in the store (which I did)?


Icon said...


Lesson #2: Spend $100 on each of THREE visits to the store. ("And Josh, are you here this time each week?")

Michael in Norfolk said...

Sounds like flirting to me. Especially the part where he says you look like an actor (especially if the actor's hot). Although I am not the best judge: I have been accused of being oblivious to guys flirting with me - but the b/f usually picks up on it!