Tuesday, June 5, 2007

GOP Debates

Pink Elephant will not be watching the debates for three reasons in descending order of weight:

1) There are currently 789,462 Republicans jockeying for the nomination that is, oh, about a year and a quarter away. Sure, the primaries start in 9 months, and we need to weed these folks out. However, we have only 3 serious contenders (and then 1 sorta serious contender who is not yet official and thus will not be at the dabate), but with the a stage as populous as China, no one is going to get to say anything of any real substance. The questions might as well have only yes or no answers. You want to know what these people think (or say they think)? Then visit their websites.

2) I have a happy hour to go to.

3) I don't have a TV in my new apartment yet.

1 comment:

Icon said...

Wow! No TV. That's really progressive.

I cancelled my cable service six years ago and never looked back on that decision. Now I only occasionally watch Leno. I'm just too busy for all the horseshit that's passed off as entertainment.