Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm not crazy, after all

In an effort to diversify my links (meaning not everything must come from Sully), I am going back to my old friends at Independent Gay Forum.

Paul Varnell writes:
More than most social and political activists admit, economic behavior is the fundamental social force in society. Economic change brings other change in its wake, sometimes kicking and screaming but ineluctably. Businesses that want to maximize their income need to maximize our patronage.

You may recall, that I noted:
You may think it unseemly to break down something that is a "moral should" to something as base as economic advantage, but in the end, it's what works. Selfish motives are stronger than altruistic ones, and outcomes based on profit are more robust than outcomes based on moral guilt-tripping and especially those based solely on fiat. That's just fine with me.

Sure, I highlight this partly because it is narcissisticly affirming that someone with a far larger readership agrees with me (and even more so that I said it first!), but also, I really think that in this month of Gay pride, it's nice to actually be proud, not only of ourselves, but also that we have come a long way in society in general. Let's not get complacent, of course, but let's also not wallow in our disappointments to the point of ignoring, or worse, forgetting our successes (I'm talking to you Larry Kramer).

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