Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The nightmare is over!

Thank Jesus, Allah and Science! The 23 day hostage crisis has finally come to a peaceful resolution: Paris Hilton has been freed! Not only is Paris free, but her grueling ordeal has helped her lose 10 pounds just in time for swimsuit season! It's a glorious day!

Now can we stop talking about her?


John Kaiser said...

"helped her lose 10 pounds"

From where?

Anonymous said...

Pink - I agree!!

The two people I am the most sick of reading about, hearing about, being bombarded with information on is this bit of spoiled rich bitch Paris Hilton, and the ranting homophobe Isaiah Washington. Apparently both are doing Larry King's show this week. Another good reason to avoid CNN.

Every time they crop up somewhere I have only one response...
(slipping into my Anne Robinson persona)

"Paris Hilton, you ARE the weakest link - goodbye!"
"Isaiah Washington, you ARE the weakest link - g'bye!"

Now, can we get on with something of more importance than these two wastes of skin?