Monday, June 4, 2007


Today marks the birth of a new category for this blog: dating. I must reiterate, however, this blog is not about sex, and discussions of dating will not become a ribald string a NSA hook-ups (not my style anyway).

Cards on the table: I've never dated much. I had a couple of beards in high school, but they were more of the standing date for dance variety. Nonetheless they did the job, even in college people would ask me if was still dating ____. (Aside: my senior year beard just recently got married).

In college, I was still very closeted, and would go to parties, but ALWAYS go home alone (a couple of times I would crash at a friend's place, but that would involve sleeping and nothing else). I always used the excuse "I'm too busy to date," and incidentally my lack of dating is what makes my mom suspicious.

All that is to say, I never got the cheesy high school "not-too-serious-but-feels-like-it-anyway" kind of starter dating that most people get. I have no idea what do, and I'm about a decade behind on that front. Regardless, I decided this weekend, that if I am going to be out this summer (new city and all), I might try some casual dating. Emphasis on the casual. I don't think I am in a place right now where I can seriously contemplate a boyfriend.

Now comes the challenge: I want casual not too serious dating (meanign doign stuff together, but not feeling obligated always to be with the same person) but I am not exactly looking for the mindless sexual encounters and one night stands that is the stereotype of the young gay dating scene. I'm more interested in going to dinner, taking walks, watchign movies, and so on. So basically I want more serious romantic dating that I can treat casually, hmm. Anyway, just musing. I don't have a plan of action to share, but this is something I've been thinking about.

Oh and, Icon: your point in the comment to my last post is very well taken. I'm not even sure I can get away with the old line, "really I'm just a libertarian" with most. Though I might keep my politics in my back pocket if I ever want to end something quickly :)


Anonymous said...

No lurid stories of random, NSA sexual encounters? You should lose your license as a I'm-gay-and-coming-out-of-the-closet blogger.

Pink Elephant said...

Sorry Anonymous, I know this is the coming-out-blog equivilant of 10 DUIs (perhaps I should join Paris in prison--that's hot), but I am still too 1) prudish, and 2) self-righteous to give up on this policy (I have ridiculous delusions of being among the legit gay political bloggers once I fully come out). If you would like, however, I would be glad to refer you to some other websites that will titillate much more than I can--including a few delightful recent discoveries :)

Lewd & Lascivious said...

Lol nothing wrong with not being promiscuous, Pink.

matthew said...

"...discussions of dating will not become a ribald string of NSA hook-ups (not my style anyway)."

Best Pink Elephant line ever.

Also, I'm with L&L: nothing wrong with not being a total whore. I actually admire that about you.

Anonymous said...

Keep being the pink we all know and love... anything else just wouldn't be you.

virtual said...

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