Monday, June 11, 2007

Ron Paul, not yet dead

I seem to link to Sully a lot--I really need to start reading more blogs. Anyway: this is interesting. I didn't notice any confirmation yet, but if it's true I'd have to agree: Ron Paul brings some welcome diversity of opinion into the GOP race. I agree with Paul on quite a lot, though I think he's, uh, misguided on foreign policy (I'm being polite).

Even with the money, does he have a snowball's chance? No. Nonetheless, that money will allow him to keep bringing up issues and fueling the debate quite nicely. I like that.


matthew said...

I think Ron Paul's foreign policy is just fine. I would make an argument about this, rather than just assert it, but arguing on blogs is fairly pointless. I only comment to boost your self-esteem [you have readers, and they care...].

And: I made my first ever political donation this Ron Paul.

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

I agree that Paul brings much needed diversity. Does he have a chance? No way in Hell. The GOP base that votes in primaries is too controlled by the fundy Christianists. Until the GOP is further annihilated at the polls in general elections, I do not see much hope for the Party.

In fact, my entire extended family used to vote GOP, but in the last election all of us voted a straight Democrat ticket.

Anonymous said...

Today, the Washington Post had a nice article on the man Paul.Reports from certain quarters indicate that Romney is running a more efficient campaing than the others and that he might actually be leading at the moment in Iowa and NH. Good Lord!