Friday, June 1, 2007


For all her moderate posturing, Hillary reveals herself to be a tried and true member of the free-markets-are-evil left.

(I wrote this post on my lunch break, so I stopped stealing from the firm)


The Freelance Cynic said...

Your american politics is so wonderfully confusing to me.

Personaly I was supporting Hillary. It must be 'different' te be a closeted gay republican.

Pink Elephant said...

Freelance, you aren't the only one I confuse!

It's funny, at work, I am more comfortable admitting to being gay than I am admitting to my politics!

It is different, and often quite lonely, to be a closeted gay republican. Nonetheless, I try to be upbeat about it--once all my closet doors are open I'll have a ready made cocktail party conversation. So what if sex and politics are both considered poor taste topics, when you mix them the way I do, people are curious. Though people are often curious the same way they are curious about motor accidents or bridge collapses :)

Icon said...

Pink, I must admonish you to be very careful (read: Don't do it) when describing your political leanings to potential lovers. Once, following a very nice first date (including sex and sleepover) my lover wrote me expressing that he just couldn't bring himself to date a Republican. More recently, I was developing a strong mutual attraction with a fellow at a gay men's retreat. In a conversation when I disclosed my conservative politics, he said that he was having a very hard time with it and that we would have to talk about it. I felt that I no longer wanted to pursue him or the matter, that if he was so narrow minded, I really had no interest in him.

In the gay community you will find yourself in the political closet much of the time. This is especially important at the more superficial level of social gatherings or mere sexual hook-ups. Also, as you look around, esp among older gays, you will find quite a number of conservatives/Republicans of the traditional variety.

Good luck and keep your head down.