Monday, August 27, 2007

Better late than never

Gonzales finally resigned. That is not to say that I have changed my opinion about the whole U.S. attorney thing (I still think it was a manufactured scandal-farce). But so long as he stayed around, scandal loomed over him. Also, it's not like he was otherwise non-controversial. Gonzales had almost no credibility as attorney general.

So first Rove, and now Gonzales. I am starting to get a feeling of And Then There Were None.

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Andronicus said...


Ah, please don't tell me you toe the line with the Republican Party Orthodoxy on this one.

Notwithstanding anything he did inside the Justice Dept., he lied to Congress. Repeatedly. Over and Over. Again and Again. These lies are documented. (Although I won't document them here...many have done so better than I could and I am too lazy to do it right now.)

The lies alone should have gotten him fired long ago. Sure, the pressure on him had political motivations, but he is a proven liar and has no place in a position that high, much less as the top crime fighter in the US.

I do agree with you, though, on your statement that it is better late than never.