Monday, August 6, 2007

FYI, and annoyance


If you buy the soundtrack to hairspray on iTunes it comes with a video of Zac (since we're secret [i.e. pretend, i.e. I'm delusional] boyfriends, I don't need to tell you his last name) performing Ladies' Choice.

Maybe it's on the actual CD too, but iTunes tends to be cheaper.

Now for the annoyance:

Yesterday, I went shopping and stopped in at Nieman Marcus. I never buy anything there, but I like to look at the mannequins to get ideas of things to buy at more reasonably priced stores or expensive stores on super-sale. (ALSO, I found this D&G cashmere and modal t-shirt priced at a ridiculous $200, but it is the softest thing I have ever touched in the whole world. If I were the son of a billionaire, I would be wearing it right now).

There was one retail queen salesman that gave me a sneered "if you need anything, let me know" in tone of voice that strongly conveyed a not-so-subtle "as if you in your Banana Republic jeans could afford anything here!"

Now, first I was carrying a Diesel bag (super-sale) and they freaking sell Diesel at NM! Second, it's not like I was in Wal-Mart sweatpants and a Hanes Pocket-T. And THIRD and this is the big one, just because he has the dream job of one out every ten boys (until he is discovered as a triple threat in the local production of A Chorus Line, that is), and has to max out his credit cards just to look presentable to his customers does not make him better than me! The fact that I won't buy a $200 t-shirt doesn't mean I can't afford it, it just means that I have other priorities (though I cannot stress enough how unbelievably soft and luxurious that t-shirt was). I am not Vivian from Pretty Woman, dammit!

Yes, I know am being judgmental too, but somehow it seems better to judge people on their irresponsible spending habits than their lack of unreasonably priced designer clothes. So, as we say down south, "Bless his heart" (Translation: I hope his Prada suit still fits him when he's eating ALPO in retirement).

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Tim in Italy said...

I recalled this post from He Said/He Said, one of my favorite blogs, posted back in April:

"'A certain young male Hairspray star has left one local lad heartbroken. Sources say the two met midway through production and ended up spending many quiet nights together in the actor’s Minto Yorkville suite. Promises to stay in touch were reportedly made but since filming ended the teen star hasn’t called or e-mailed his Canuck lover.'

I dunno if it was Zac or not, but the only other person in the cast that could be considered a "young male Hairspray star" would be James Marsden. But 34-year-old James isn't so young when compared to 19-year-old Zac."

Just so you know there's hope.