Saturday, August 18, 2007

Campaign Songs

I know I said I'd Blog about the date, and I will. I'm just tired right now. Take from that what you wish ;-)

Hillary has geared her campaign towards caring about those poor unfortunate souls that remain "invisible" to the Republicans. Accordingly, Hillary has chosen a new campaign song. Click below to see her sing it.


Tim in Italy said...

Individuals who have just come home from exhausting dates, I would think, elated by their connecting with another human being, should be a little less sarcastic and a little more generous toward their fellow man... even if they are Democrats.

I would hate to think that intimacy brings out the worst in you. Or am I assuming too much and you're just being bitter?

Andronicus said...


I would agree with you were Pink's target anyone but Hillary.

His efforts to keep Hillary from becoming our next President show a love for his fellow man so deep and abiding that it is hard to believe it flows from the heart of a law student.


ThatGayConservative said...

I'm just tired right now.


Tim in Italy said...

LOL, Marcus! LOL!

Tim in Italy said...

It's really tough when mom goes out on a date and doesn't come home for 3 days. Are there any more corn flakes left?