Monday, August 6, 2007

New Elements

For the longest time, the closest thing I had to a blogroll was "Things of Interest to me right now," but for some reason I have decided that that doesn't allow me to categorize things properly. Also, I felt odd adding anything new that wasn't largely political in nature (DtB being the exception, since it was my blog inspiration). But also, I felt kind of selfish not returning the favor to blogs that added me to the blogroll.

So, I have revised the links on the right. First you will find a list of the news sources I tend to check most frequently. Next are the political blogs that made up the bulk of my previous list. I also added a few more, including one that I frequently disagree with (can you guess which one?). Third, are the personal blogs I read as well as the ones that link to me (so far as I know). Finally, Divertissement offers my most frequent diversions from the serious or important. I chose to title that list in French to further convey how unimportant in the grand scheme of things those diversions are :)

Also, be aware that apart from the News and Political Blogs, some of my links might not always be safe for work. However, I won't link to sites that are mostly and typically pornographic. You can find your own porn.


Matt said...

I was your blog inspiration!? How cool!

If so, then why did I get demoted to quid pro quo!?! ;-)

Pink Elephant said...

In particular it was your reasons not to come out and your reasons to come out that inspired me.

It's not a ranking system; it's a classification system. Yours just seems more of a personal diary type blog than the political commentary blogs in the other group.

Don't fret, Matt; I still love DtB as much as any of the others.

Pete said...

Pink, please give the French a break. At least for a while. They've elected Sarkozy.

Pink Elephant said...

Yeah, yeah, it was a cheap shot at the French. But they seem to go out of their way to be targets!

Pete said...

Well, back in 2003 I was all in favour of bombing Paris. But they tend to look pretty hot if they shower regularly and it looks like they're going to keep Turkey out of the EU. So Sarko is in my good books for now. And he has a really cool wife.

Icon said...

I't been my experience that French (Canadian) men don't age well. So, do 'em while they're young ;-)