Saturday, August 4, 2007

How have I missed him?

Today I saw Hairspray (really liked it), and just fell in love with Zac Efron. I watched the movie and the whole time was thinking "who is this man? I want to be cowboys with him" (a reference to The Best Little Boy in the World). Luckily, the credits to Hairspray are fun to watch so I didn't look like a weirdo staying in the theater long after the movie ended just to learn his name.

I get home, ready to do my internet "research" on this previously unknown (to me) dreamboat. Turns he's a freaking IT boy right now! I feel so behind the times. That's what I get for not seeing High School Musical when everybody else did.

P.S. Even though it's meant to be kitschy, I like him with the Hairspray hair better than the shaggy HSM do. If I liked long hair, I'd be straight. (yes, I am aware there is more than hair at issue here).


matthew said...

"If I liked long hair, I'd be straight."

Pink, above all else, my favorite thing about you is that you are, in fact, hilarious.

Matt said...

clearly you haven't been reading DTB, cuz i've been drooling over him. He's so hot.

Tim in Italy said...

Pink, you went out. To see "Hairspray". Is that movie approved by the NRC?

Yeah, Zac's a major hottie. But that's always what I kinda fantazised that you looked like, Pink. That's what kept me coming back. Well, that and an elegant mind. Always I have the feeling that you are great things waiting to happen.

The suspense is terrible.

Andronicus said...

And rumor has it he's a Libertarian. Pink, I think you and he would make beautiful babies together!!

Anonymous said...

Zac is a Disney kid. He was in High School Musical and coming to Disney on Aug. 17th High School Musical 2. Zac is one of the stars of the both musical shows.

Michael in Norfolk said...


I must say that for a member of the GOP, you have a good eye for the hot boys. When I saw Hairspray, I thought he was cute too. Unfortuantely, I think my oldest daughter is about his age. Sigh.