Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rapid Fire

I spent today cleaning (no need for jokes), so this will have to be quick.
  • Democrats pledge to reverse unions' decline: No kidding. How altruistic of them to protect the power of a group that consistently delivers votes to the the other party. Oh wait, scratch that, reverse.
  • I am aware that Rove has resigned. I just don't have anything to say about it.
  • I was not invited. I wouldn't have gone, though.
  • I am against the Real ID Act. Do I have to explain this? The next step is just to station an American soldier in every household in order to catch terrorists. Sure that's unconstitutional, but only for now.
  • I bet I scared you a little by having a link in that last line :-)
  • And yet, this doesn't bother me all that much.
  • An interesting comparison of Health Care proposals among the candidates of both parties. I like most of what the Republicans have to say (SHOCKER!). Tax Deduction are two of my favorite words--but only when right next to each other. Tancredo's attempt to bring Health Care back to his pet issue looks a little forced, but hey, who can blame him? The Blurb about Romney makes him look a tad, well, untrustworthy--dare I say, Kerry-esque. Sadly I can't really blame that on that particular "liberal" medium. But boy has Romney got hair.
  • On the lighter side, like it does most gay men, the first minutes of The me. Especially around minute 4:45.

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Icon said...

"I was not invited. I wouldn't have gone, though."
Abramson is pretty cute.....mighta been a good gig!