Friday, August 17, 2007

Last date of the summer

I'm meeting him for drink in a little bit. He's part Greek and really cute. Too bad I met him right before I go back to law school :(

I'll tell you everything later--now it's time to make myself presentable!


Tim in Italy said...

A) Go out and have a great date. You deserve it.

B) It's Tyrone Power not Cary Grant.

C) Yes, but if you tell anyone, I'll deny it.

D) Thanks for taking the time. I really appreciate it.

ThatGayConservative said...

So you kiss and tell?

BTW, Cary Grant rules!

Pete said...

Have fun, and good luck!

ThatGayConservative said...


Icon said...

My best friend is 100% Greek and, oh, so cute.....and terminally str8.