Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have stated before that I am behind the War on Terror (though I still think it's a stupid and misleading name). Like any American I am angered by plots against my country, countrymen and allies. But I think we gays have an extra stake in the game. I truly believe there is no more dangerous religious movement to homosexuals than that of radical, intolerant, fundamentalist Islam. Christianists may not want us to have families or jobs, but their policies pale in comparison to the hostility of fundamentalist Islam towards gays.

Nonetheless, I still get bothered by the encroachment on civil liberties in the name of security. I'd like to expand on the old saying about liberty and security. What liberty (excluding religious or existential "liberation") is there in death, or fear of death. But then what good is life without liberty? It's not either/or, its a balancing act (law professors LOVE balancing things). The problem is I keep going back and forth on how to balance them.

I'm pretty well comfortable with allowing my government to protect me from foreign threats, but when does protection become oppressive? Honestly I'm not all that concerned about feds listening in on international calls, but I am troubled by increasing executive power--especially in the name of something so ill-defined as a War on Terror (It might as well be called a War on Sadness, or a War on Aerial Strikes). But if these measures help save the lives of Americans, could they be worth it? How do we keep security from infringing liberty without making ourselves vulnerable? I don't have answers here, only questions (how annoying, right?). Your thoughts?


Tim in Italy said...

From what I'm reading some ultra-conservative Christians are in discussion with Islamic leaders to establish mutual spheres of influence, so if they're not one in the same already, they may soon be.

I dislike the encroachment on civil liberties as well, but war with a vicious enemy precludes life as usual. But it doesn't have to drag out for years and years, because of incompetence. It is an unfortunate fact that our army is exhausted and some 40% of our ground machinery is in such a state of disrepair that it must be extensively over-hauled or discarded. Military leadership at it's finest. Even if the surge is successful (doubtful) we will be unable to sustain it.

So, where do we go from here? Firstly, elect a president and Congress who are interested in governance rather than politicizing every office in the country.

Secondly, reinstate the draft - with no deferments beyond serious medical conditions. Not simply to build the military back up, but also to instill service to one's country into our youth.

Thirdly, get in and get it over with. If we must a fight a war, then let's fight it, instead of this tip-toeing around. That was our mistake in Viet Nam and it is our mistake now. Repairing our infra-structure is also a part of this.

Even if these things were to happen (also doubtful) it would take at least a year before we were ready to take the field with some semblance of purpose and resolve.

Oh yeah,and while we're at it,also fire all the lobbyists.

Okay, that's my rant for the day. Now I'm going to go play with the kids and the dog (in Atlanta on holiday!)

Welcome back, by the way.

Pete said...

Yep, you're completely right about this. Islam in my country has spawned the return of intolerant religion, of all sorts, including a weird mixture of socialism and social conservatism that's now in government. The bible belters - I'll call them that because you can't call them right-wing - use the muslim "assertivity" to push through a long-forgotten agenda.

As a result of all this intolerance, as well as a large number of migrants who don't speak the language and don't understand our society, gay bashing is back, as well as Jew bashing, and those who leave islam are beaten up.

I blog about this, but not too much because it really gets me down.

USpace said...

Good post, points well made...

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