Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, that was fun

I got back safe and sound. I went to visit my friend Karen (whom you may remember from here, or here-Sean by the way is out of the country). Some highlights:

I woke up the first morning not in Karen's apartment like I should have, but instead in the hallway on the floor above.

I learned that I will make out for a drink. Sometimes for less. (I'm a little embarrassed about that one).

I saw some great theater.

I had one of the best steaks in living memory.

I got to meet Karen's friend Kim. She lives in a charming porno district.

I spent more money than I care to think about.

On the plane trip back I read Harry Potter 7.

Good times, good times.


Andronicus said...

Welcome back, Pink. Sounds like you had a great time. What's the issue this week?

Tim in Italy said...

You'll make out... for a drink!!? That's pretty. Pinky, what have I always told you? Always hold out for stocks, bonds or at least a house in the Hamptons.

Karen said...

Umm, let's just say he made out for more than 1 drink...in fact, I think I even got drinks out of it...and, I did have a little internal (and external) chuckle when I found out he slept in the hallway upstairs in my building. I imagine my neighbors were happy to see me go :)!